Excellent for flat feet and plantar fasciitis or anyone on their feet for long periods of time.  Anyone suffering from joint soreness. Want more balance, support and power off your step? These are the ones.

Most popular:


Replace your stock shoe insoles with our proprietary shock absorption technology to help you last far longer before getting sore. Trim to fit. If your size is out, simply get a larger size.

Choosing the right insole depends on your foot type

I have a low/flat arch

Custom Arch support is best


A low arch tends to roll inwards and “over pronates”. This leads to numerous alignment issues and joint soreness. All of our insoles absorb shock. Adding custom arch support is a great addition for those who

  • Stand/walk all day
  • Get sore knees hips and back

I have a high arch

Arch support typically isn't needed


A high arch tends to “Supinate” or roll outwards. Therefore Arch support has little or no effect and can worsen alignment issues. In this case a flat pure energy absorbing insole is best to relieve pressure off the heel and ball of the foot.

  • You have pressure problems on the forefoot and ball of foot
  • Tend to tweak or sprain your ankles


  • A mid arched foot can get both flat or orthotic insoles
  • A flat foot can choose a simple flat insole if desired however we recommend custom orthotics.
  • Check your shoe’s stock insoles to determine how thick of an FP Insole you should choose.
  • Women’s sizing is determined by adding 2 to men’s size. EX. a men’s 4 is a women’s 6
  • In case of out of stock sizes, all Flat insoles can be trimmed down to any size while orthotics can only be trimmed down one full size


Choose thickness which matches your shoe stock insoles.

  • Low profile (3.5mm): for dress shoes, some running shoes, roller skates and some snowboard boots
  • Mid profile (5mm): Fits in almost all shoes including cupsoles, running shoes, snowboard boots
  • Hi profile (7mm): Fits in vulcanized shoes (Classic rubber bottom sneakers) and most boots


Use the chat button on the right and send us a photo of your arch while standing and the insoles you will be replacing.