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Bounce is bad


What if we told you big corporations had been running a high rebound bounce gimmick that actually made you more sore? The fact is, high rebound equates to loads of shock energy being absorbed by your body. The result is pain and soreness. FP creates a shield the protects your body from this energy. This energy is real and measured in kilonewtons. At a certain degree of shock, bones can break. Normal sports don’t produce enough Kn to break bones but they do create enough to make you fatigued.

The rebound you want occurs between the outsole and the ground and FP Insoles protect your body. One common yet extremely wrong idea is that because FP Insoles absorb residual shock energy they will slow you down. In all the years, we have never heard an actual customer complain about this and in actuality, FP Insoles are a better surface to run on that typical sock liners.

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